Life Starts Here Birthing Workshop

In your Birthing Workshop, learn how to:

  • Shorten and bring comfort to labor
  • Access your most powerful self to give birth gracefully 
  • Discover your blocks to birthing and release them before giving birth
  • Decide who should be with you during the birth and why
  • Stimulate powerful marma points (ayurvedic presure points) to bring comfort to labor
  • Eat the foods you need to maintain a healthy pregnancy emphasizing different foods for each trimester 
  • Caress your body to open your body and mind during labor 
  • Anoint yourself with essential oils blended specifically for child birth
  • Meditate through childbirth to bring comfort and strength through the challenge
  • Tune into your senses to find your footing through labor
  • Relax and enjoy the powerful experience

This workshop is ideal for anyone preparing to give birth whether you've scheduled a C-section or are doing it all on your own. This is a workshop designed for anyone interested in harnessing their greatest power and feeling fully supported.

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