Private Coaching

Whether you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or had a baby--  private coaching can help you find your balance in every phase.  Request a free 15 minute session to discuss where you are and how you can be best supported.  Together will can map your road to motherhood.  

Many of the techniques can be taught via skype, or we can arrange private in-person sessions.  We can work together from pregnancy preparation through motherhood, or just one particular aspect you are finding challenging.  

This is your life.  It is your time to feel amazing.  

After your initial free consultation we can arrange sessions to fit your schedule.   


Your Coaching Path

  • Foundational session (6 hrs)  

    • Learn Ayurvedic techniques to cultivate deep richness in mind and body.  Lossen deep rooted stresses, energetic blocks, uncoil fears, smooth any roughness in pregnancy, getting pregnant, birth or after babe is born. $500

  • Call in the Love (6 hrs)  

    • When you want a baby, don't have a partner and don't want to do it alone.  We will learn how to call in Nature to support your desires. $500

  • Getting deep (6 hrs/mo) 

    • Creating deep intimacy with yourself, with your partner and baby, Releasing trauma, and creating the pregnancy, birth, and parenting experience you desire.  $500
  • Ongoing support (1-2/mo)

    • Regular support throughout the experience to continue to customize and refine your experience and meet every challenge. $100/mo

Interested in workshops?