Liddy Arens

At 18, Liddy was told by her gynecologist that she was infertile and would probably never be able to conceive a child. For years she accepted this diagnosis and took it as fact. But when her siblings started having children she decided she wanted to grow beyond infertility. She spent years studying and refining techniques to unlock fertility, maintain healthy pregnancy, empower birthing, and find balance after having babies.   

Her studies included Vedic Science and Philosophy at Maharishi University, Ayurveda, + ideal routine, ideal diet, exercise, and meditation techniques in India. She spent years refining techniques to harness the power of nature, and unlock the body's intelligence through routine, ideal diet, exercise, and powerful meditation.  She worked through 5 miscarriages, ultimately leading her to give birth to 4 healthy children naturally, without drugs. Twice she delivered unassisted with only her husband present. Through the refinement of the techniques she was able to shorten and ease birthing going from 32hrs of labor to 3hrs of meditative birth. She is a natural childbirth educator, certified aqua-natal instructor, and free-birthing enthusiast.  She provides private consultation and coaching through all stages of reproductive life. She and her husband often work together to bring ceremony to birth giving babies their mantra and allowing them to deeply relax and enjoy being a baby.

Liddy's unique combination of ayurveda, meditation, diet, and thought unlock the #FULLPOWERMAMA in every woman.  Women using the #FULLPOWERMAMA techniques transform their bodies with love and grow to their greatest selves. When you are a #FULLPOWERMAMA you can cultivate rich fertility, resilience through pregnancy, power through birthing and comfort, and a fit, joyful body post-partum.  Do you want to get pregnant more easily; enjoy being pregnant; have shorter, more comfortable birth; and recover from birthing more quickly and completely?  Unlock your #FULLPOWERMAMA self and have it all.