Life Starts Here Motherhood Workshop

In your Motherhood Workshop, learn how to:

  • Access greater states of awareness and experience bubbling bliss of the transformation 
  • Design a daily routine that takes care of all your needs first and enables you to feel deeply nourished
  • Caress your body to feel nurtured as your body recovers
  • Stimulate marma points (ayurvedic pressure points) to speed recovery and reduce aches
  • Eat to provide the best nourishment for you and the baby while easily loosing the weight gained during pregnancy
  • Balance hormones to stabilize your mood, energy, and love for life
  • Anoint yourself with oils specifically blended to bring deep relaxation and tissue recovery
  • Release stress and bond with your baby using powerful meditation techniques
  • Have amazing sex after childbirth to release oxytocin, speed recovery, enhance intimacy and make you feel really good
  • Create your community to effortlessly give and receive support through motherhood without obligation or guilt

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